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Please review the following and let me know if/when you are ready to proceed
There is NO fee or charge to view a property on the inside.  However, before you call to schedule a viewing, you do need to be prepared with a deposit (the equivalent of one months rent), along with a $45 money order for your application fee. (We will NOT let you into the property without you SHOWING us two separate money orders). Should you wish to proceed after looking in, we will take the money orders at this time. If you are NOT interested in renting, you simply keep the money orders. Please view all posted pictures. ALSO please visit the property live from the outside on your own before calling to schedule a viewing. Then let us know if/when you are at the point of proceeding with Money Orders ! Only at that time will we be able to set up a time to show you inside the property.

Sec 8 money is considered as income towards what is required — However, it is not all that is required — and Sec 8 may not permit / or agree to some of those requirements– which will prevent you from renting with Sec 8. 

Therefore, you will NOT be able to rent with Sec 8


The application covers Credit, Rental History at a comparable rent rate, Crime (Drugs, etc) and any unusual circumstances.
The minimum requirement to rent is still a one month deposit (given at time of viewing) as well as FIRST AND LAST month’s rent (at time of lease signing).   
If you have a significant problem with income, credit, rental history or anything else—you may need an additional Security Deposit.
These requirements do not vary — even if you have a really good excuse/explanation.
The outsides  MUST be viewed  live  first before an appointment can be made to go inside. Only then can we schedule a viewing.
A property has the following requirements before you will be shown inside the house:
1.) You must have already viewed the property LIVE from the outside on your own.
2.) Be prepared to proceed with separate money orders. The $45 Application fee as well as a one month security deposit in the amount of one months rent.  The deposit will hold/secure the property at the time of showing if you want to proceed. Move-in needs to be within approx. 2 weeks (unless property will not be available until a longer time) of making the deposit to the company.
3.) Actual move-in date is required – We require an exact move in date when you call to schedule a viewing appointment.
4.) Minimum requirements to rent is a one month deposit (given at time of viewing) as well as FIRST AND LAST month’s rent (at time of lease signing). The total comes out to 3 months of rent total to begin renting with us (not including the $45 application fee)



If you have a significant problem with income, credit, rental history or anything else—you may still be able to rent with an additional Security Deposit.
Income of single applicants and/or married couples is a minimum which is 3x the rent.
Pets may require an additional monthly pet rent and/or pet deposit depending on property and/or pet
Let us know if/when you are at the point of proceeding!
Thanks for this opportunity and we look forward to hearing from you if you wish to proceed and/or calling to answer questions.
We are happy to help in any way we can.

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